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My name is Colin Albertyn, involved in the world of off-road biking and motocross and as one would guess, bikers do spend a lot of time on crutches given the nature of their injuries.

I snapped my Achilles tendon back in 1995 and was on crutches for 8 weeks and was off crutches for one day and found myself back on crutches again. I found it absolutely unbearable. That’s when I decided that there must be a change in design to the crutches to alleviate all the stress and discomfort caused to the hands, wrists and forearms.

The problem with conventional crutches is that all your body weight is carried on a very small surface of your hands. So, its a very painful procedure using crutches for an extended period of time and especially for people who are slightly heavier. For example; if one were 100 kg, then each hand would have to absorb 50 Kg’s and it doesn’t take long before you develop calluses, suffer from fatigue and nerve damage resulting from pressure over extended periods of time.

So when redesigning the crutch we had to develop a method to spread the load of ones body weight over a much larger surface area to alleviate the full pressure applied to the hands. Looking closely at the natural and relaxed ergonomics of the human arms we developed a platform for the forearm to rest on, then turned the handle positions sightly inward by 3 degrees to match that of the natural hand positions. This insured that the whole body weight was spread over the entire surface of the forearms while the hands were ergonomically positioned. It was a very simple solution to a very common problem.

We designed the smartCRUTCH in such a way that it actually adapts to your individual needs best with adjustments like height, forearm length and forearm platform angle for more or less load on the forearm. Also; the last thing that one would want when on crutch is to slip, because the ferrules on the base of the crutch are the same as those on conventional crutches. So we redesigned the ferrules in very unique way using what we call the hourglass principle, where the base of the ferrule pivots with the angle of the crutch, thus maintaining full contact with the ground.

smartCRUTCH sales are global now and are growing all the time as awareness becomes greater. We have had incredible feedback from people with all sorts of syndromes, diseases and conditions that can’t walk with normal crutches. They are using the smartCRUTCH and as a result their mobility has been dramatically improved. Especially people with issues like rheumatoid arthritis or people who have got broken wrists on one hand and a broken leg at the same time.

All our staff at smartCRUTCH are committed to professionalism, quality and responsible economic growth. We are consistent with our:

  • Quality Improvement Process

  • Emphasis on innovation

  • Responsiveness to our customers needs

  • Providing the highest quality

  • Explore new technologies

  • Cost effectiveness

Respect, compassion, excellence and integrity are the fundamentals that guide us in all that we do. We will continually strive to develop and share our knowledge with each other, the medical staff and the community at large.

We will continue to explore new technologies and evaluation of community, corporate and medical needs. Our future is built on the principles of quality, cost effectiveness and innovation.

smartcrutch inventor colin albertyn

“… This improvement in design of the crutch is more user friendly… and is an exciting development.”
Dr Etienne P. Hugo (Orthopeadic Surgeon)