Engineered To Be Robust and Durable.

SmartCRUTCH’s patented modular design distributes your body weight over your forearm, releasing pressure and pain from your hands, wrists and shoulders. Fully adjustable, it can be used comfortably as both a platform or forearm crutch.

Memory foam for maximum comfort | Adjustable leg length | Ergonomically designed hand grips.

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smartCRUTCH™ Specifications

smartCRUTCH™ Ergonomically designed grips fit comfortably with your natural wrist and hand positions as they would be in a neutral state.

Dimensions Min (cm) Max (cm)
Crutch Min Height 70.4 102
Crutch Max Height 92.9 124.5
Cuff Min Length 22 27.5
Cuff Max Length 23.5 31.5
Cuff Diameter 8.5 11
Foam Thickness .6 .8
Cuff Circumference 26 34
Handle Circumference 10 13
specification for the smartcrutch range