“My leg is broken in freak accident. The tibia and fibula are snapped. I select Surgical Rebuild using a titanium rod. I come home last Friday. I struggle with Regular Underarm Crutches, this is not my first trip to the crutch rodeo. I have used them on two other occasions – didn’t like them either time then. This time I must be Non-Weight Bearing for 6 weeks. Like anything I do now – I google my options.

These gems pop-up – I research and watch videos – sounds promising. I call the guys. The guys that work there they know crutches – and injury. The also know business – I can return them if the aren;t magic (he didn’t say magic – but after using them you will).

The Crutches show up today – my left elbow is already screaming in pain with tendonitis from the Underarm Crutch. I slide them out of the box – set the arm angle to max as directed, adjust the handle length and adjust the height. I wobble a little – you will need upper body strength – but no more than a regular crutch IMHO. You will need a little sense of balance. I go down the hall and come back to the bed. I increase the angle to get more weight support. I use them to get around all day. I am no longer exhausted from going down the hall – there is no longer an elbow on fire. I am content – I bought a great product.

I won’t be going back to the other crutch. If you are an athlete and get hurt – get these. I was an athlete once. At 6’3″ 225 I am at the top of the usage chart – but they work great. If you are taller – don’t get hurt until next year – rumor has it they will have a tall model by then. Oh, I am over 50 years old – No one loves crutches – I do love what these crutches provide me. Smart Crutch – Very Smart.

If there is one major difference it is you can’t really free you hands. But that only applies to total Non-Weight bearing use. You won’t care – the relief provided is a worthy exchange. Do your homework – try them – you will feel better for it.”

J. Moritz, Vancouver, WA

“Smartcrutch got me through 3.5 months of not being able to walk after being hit by a car (tibial plateau fracture). there is no way i would’ve been able to function at the level i did during that time with conventional crutches. those conventional crutches destroyed my hands and shoulders after only 3 days of use. i’m glad i found smartcrutch. highly recommend to anyone.”