“I bought your crutches for my son who got hurt in the army and now needs crutches to keep him from falling due to nerve damage in his left foot. He’s had the other style but loves yours. He says they fit awesome and the extra support makes him feel safer when he’s walking. Your product is a wonderful blessing. Thanks ”

from the bottom of a mom's heart.

“Just wanted to say that your crutches are, without a doubt, the best product available on the market today. I had to use these for over 8 weeks after having reconstructive foot surgery. They are so comfortable to use you have to wonder why it took so long for somebody to figure out a design like this. No wrist strain. No armpit bruising, chafing, or discomfort. The adjustable arms let you create the angle most comfortable for you. My orthopaedic surgeon had never seen them before and was very impressed with the design as well. Can’t say enough about them!”

Jeremy, Chilliwack, BC Canada